Weight and Stuff Report – 21 November 2011

What’s this? Another new low for the year? Can this possibly go on? Only time will tell…

I walked to work this morning, with a slight interruption for a routine medical appointment in the middle[1]. I managed to remember to pause and resume the Garmin app, so the evidence is available.

Not satisfied with that, I took myself for another of my lunchtime walks. I went down some quieter streets to avoid the crowds on Northumberland Street, then walked around Newcastle University, where I saw some interesting things I’ll talk about later, and then a longish way back to the office, made slightly longer because the first branch of Greggs I went to didn’t have either of the sarnies I wanted, and the second had a huge queue. The third was better in both respects, so I had my yummy brie, bacon and cranberry baguette.

But before all of that I passed the Pilgrim Street site, which is now looking quite tidy, with that orphaned bit of road looking quite odd:

All Clear

All Clear

You can see my route in the usual place.

[1] I think they just like to make sure I’m still alive…