Total. Geek. Overload.

I mentioned the new Encyclopedia of Science Fiction when it was announced and indeed when it was unleashed, and I’ve spent some time there since then, and indeed spent some money on ebooks created by the associated Science Fiction Gateway project.

This evening, I mumbled something on Twitter about how I was wary of getting into reading the new encyclopedia, having spent a fair amount of time reading the last physical version (a large, heavy hardback) from cover to cover some years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply from whoever does the tweeting for the Encyclopedia. And then totally geekgasmed[1] to get a reply from John Clute. I have fond memories of his book reviews in the original incarnation of UK sf magazine Interzone, which quite apart from being good for one’s vocabulary, showed that it wan’t just me that understood that Terry Pratchett’s funniest material waas deadly serious. John Clute is a major part of the new, online version of the Encyclopedia, and this is as good a Good Thing as I can think of.

I may need to have a lie down now. Well, it’s just about bedtime, so that seems like a good idea…

[1] If that wasn’t a word previously, it is now. So there.