November 2011 Round-up

Well, the year seems to be running out quite rapidly, and here we are at the end of November already. How did that happen? Well, however it happened, the end of a month means it’s time for one of these thingies.


I’ve been a bit up and down again this month, with a few unusually light days. The overall trend remains slowly downward, so that’ll do for now.

November 1: 219 pounds (15 stone 9 pounds, 99.3 kg)
November 30: 218 pounds (15 stone 8 pounds, 98.9 kg)

That’s a loss of 1 pound (0.5kg), which isn’t a lot, but it’ll do for the moment.


I’m still not eating too much. Good, good.


Out of 15 normal working days (holiday at the beginning of the month, a few days in London…), I walked in no less than 11 times, which is well above recent levels. I also took at total of 17 other walks, some of them quite long. Garmin Connect suggests I walked a logged total of 90 miles this month – I know at least some of that is exaggerated, so the real total is somewhere closer to 80, but that’s still quite a lot. Well done me, just need to keep that up.


It’s been a relatively quiet month again, with this report bringing the total to a fairly sensible 53.


I had some good days out during my week off, and some decent weekend walks too. Lots of pictures have been taken, and one day I may find the tuits to sort them out and present them.