New glasses

A few months ago I muttered about having got reading glasses for use in conjunction with my contact lenses. Well, what with one thing and another, I’ve been wearing the contact lenses less often, which meant that I kept having to take my glasses off when I needed to read. This is particularly annoying when dividing my attention between something close and something further away, such as my MacBook and the television, or a book and my general surroundings.

So, last week, I had an eye test and ordered some moderately expensive new glasses – the lenses are Zeiss made to measure varifocal extra-thin thingies, the frames are titanium, so they’re nice and light. And having collected them a couple of hours ago, I’m beginning to get used to them. Basically, if I look straight ahead or upwards, the distance parts of the lenses works, and if I look downward, as I generally do when reading, the close bits work. And the bits in between aren’t too bad either.

I’m finding I get some entertaining visual effects if I turn my head from side to side a bit quickly, but otherwise my first impressions are pretty good.

And as I know some readers[1] will be desperate to see what my new face furniture looks like, here’s an iPhone self portrait.

That's me, that is

That's me, that is

[1] Hi Twisty  :wave:

10 thoughts on “New glasses

  1. Clusterboy

    Looks good, Les. You appear to be getting younger. Got a “special” painting hidden somewhere we should know about?

  2. Geoff

    Nice specs nice to see you have got varifocals – when had them about 6 yearsa go I was told i would be like anodding dog until I got used to them.

    As for comment about “not much grey stuff on your chin”, all I can say is that it runs in the family !!! (And I am somewhat older !! :drool: :wales: :cheesy:

    1. Les Post author

      Yes, I have been doing more strange head movements than normal, but those annoy me a lot less than having to take my glasses off to read on the bus!

    1. Les Post author

      Thanks – I tried a few frames, and these were the ones I liked the most. I don’t generally go for designer brands, but as I was getting £80 off the frames I was prepared to make an exception. It was the lenses that were, err, eye-watering in price…

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