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Getting Naked (Wine, that is)

No, no, it’s OK. Losing it isn’t turning into that kind of site, but I couldn’t resist the title for this post. What I’m talking about is Naked Wines. I’d heard of them before, but never got round to investigating what they have to offer, until I found a £40 discount voucher in an Amazon parcel. Well, that was enough to make me have a look, and what I found looked interesting. An introductory case of six bottles that looked interesting was £25 including delivery, with no commitments, no regular deliveries[1] and a further offer. Would I like to have £40 credited to my account against a future order? Well, yes, as it happens I would, so I read on..

Here’s the deal: you pay £20 (or more if you want to) into your account. You can use that to buy any wine from them at any time, and you can get your money back on demand if you decide you don’t want to buy anything. They use that money to invest in small wine producers, making it easier for them to keep working making quality wine (or indeed making it possible for them to survive). Now that sounds quite nice, and a Good Thing. But to make it worth your while, if you sign up for that deal, you get 33% of what you spend on wine credited back to your account. They carefully and honestly point out that as you don’t get “cashback on cashback”[2], over time your discount actually works out at 25%, which is still well worth having. And there was that little matter of the £40 credit just for signing up, so I did.

And there’s more! There’s an affiliated site with a smartphone app at WineDemon. This encourages users to share their views on wines, with the added bonus of using location services to tell you about wines near you – the idea being that if you’re in a restaurant, you can check for reviews of the wines before ordering. The app is free, and to encourage you to use it, you can get credit on your Naked Wines account. There’s a sign up bonus of a quite useful £20, and you get £1 for reviewing each wine. There’s a limit of £50 on this, which seems moderately sensible – they need to make some money, after all.

I’ll be sampling my introductory bottles, and taking advantage of my free wine money quite soon. From what I’ve seen on the Naked Wines site, they’ve got some nicely interesting wine, and the prices, especially with that cashback, are reasonable. One nice thing is that you don’t have to buy wines by the case – you can pick and choose bottles singly or in any odd quantity you like. They do have case deals which can save money, too.

I’m not giving up on Laithwaites, of course – they’ve been supplying me with some excellent wines over the last few months, and I’m sure I’ll be buying more from them. But it’s nice to have alternatives.

[1] Unless you happen to want them, that is.
[2] That would get a bit expensive for them

Weight and Stuff Report – 2 December 2011

Hmm. No change again today. Probably a sign of somethingorother. I completed my week of not walking to work, but I did have a bit of a walk at lunchtime. Well, I say “walk”, but it was more of a trudge, as the streets were full of people determined to occupy the full width of the footpath while walking very, very slowly. The main reason for the walk was to drop into the station to collect some train tickets for next week’s fun and games, which I’ll no doubt talk about later.[1]

While I was out, I had a quick look at the old Bank of England building which, having been stripped out internally, is now being wrapped up nicely before being demolished. More pictures of that as the project proceeds. But here’s one to be going on with:

Right, you're next

Right, you're next

[1] Random bit of suspense to keep readers at least vaguely interested