Weight and Stuff Report – 3 December 2011

Down a bit today, good stuff.

Having checked the weather forecast, I decided that if I was going to get out and about this weekend, today looked like a dryer option. I had a Cunning Plan in mind, so I headed for the Metro and got off at Wallsend, intending to visit the Roman bits and bobs at Segedunum. This actually was the end of the wall, and there’s a large site now exposed, with some reconstruction work too. There was one slight problem with that – it was shut. It seems to be weekdays only in the winter, presumably to accommodate school trips. Still, never mind. On with the next part of the plan.

I got back on the Metro and went to Tynemouth Priory, which was most definitely open, where I wandered around for a while taking pictures in the rather nice light, including this one in the Percy Chantry:

Percy Chantry

Percy Chantry

It was a good day to visit – there were hardly any people around, the sun was shining and it was nice and dry, if windy. Well, very windy, but not enough to stop me using my 70-200mm lens a bit.

After the priory, I walked to the North Pier. I’d half planned to walk along it, but it was windy enough for me to be thinking that this might not be an altogether pleasant experience, so I wasn’t too disappointed to find that it was closed.

Then it was a walk along the riverside, where I met another photographer – he’d been waiting for a large ship to leave the river, and was not at all pleased that it had waited just long enough for the light to fail.

I continued to the Fish Quay, past the Low and High Lights, then into North Shields for the Metro home. By the time I got back to Newcastle, a light rain was falling, which was pretty good timing really.

You can see the route of my walk on Garmin Connect as usual, but don’t let the maps fool you. If you look at the map view, you might think that I’d taken up swimming:

Walk on water?

Walk on water?

But switching to satellite view makes it all clear:



For some reason, the Priory isn’t shown as land on the map. Maybe it’s for historical reasons – it’s not that many decades since it was a military base. Or maybe it’s just a boo-boo.

Anyway, it was another good afternoon out – not as long as walk as some recent ones, but still somewhere around five miles, if Garmin’s tracking is to be believed.

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