Daily Archives: Wednesday, 7th Dec 2011

Stuff Report – 7 December 2011

Well, here I am in darkest Surrey.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a train to London (which was fine), then the Tube from King’s Cross to Waterloo (which involved walking incredible distances through tunnels before I got to a platform), then a train to Weybridge (aaaargh, bad timing – totally full commuter train at 5:30), then a taxi to the Brooklands Hotel, where I was greeted politely and efficiently, and given the magic card to my room (none of your swipe rubbish here, this is RFID). The room turned out to be huge, with a huge bed, big TV (bigger than my own at home), decent size desk, free WiFi that’s actually of acceptable speed, and a bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Here’s the hotel:



After unpacking and unwinding a bit, I popped down to the bar, where I had a grilled chicken salad and a couple of glasses of wine before having an early night.

This morning, after an excellent breakfast, I walked across to Mercedes Benz World for the first day of the Kace Konference, yes it really is called that. This is all about the system management appliances we use at work, and it’s an opportunity to learn more about how to get the most out of them, and about future developments. Today’s session was the optional (and extra cost) Boot Kamp (yes, they do love the letter K), which was a long day working with the K2000 deployment device. Useful stuff, and it’s given me some ideas for where we’re going at work.

After that it was back to the hotel, and another visit to the bar. This time I had some rather nicely done fish and chips (hake in lovely batter, proper chips) and a couple of glasses of wine (obviously).

It’s an early start tomorrow – a lab session at 8:30 followed by something a bit less technical. More reports will follow…