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Stuff Report – 8 December 2011

Well, that was a good day at the Kace Konference. Started early with a lab session on patching, which I was sadly[1] obliged to leave early to have my Driving Experience, a nice freebie from Dell for the first 30 people to register for the Konference. This involved three of us being driven round the track by an expert driver in a seriously powerful Mercedes car thingy. The driver demonstrated the extreme braking power of the computer-controlled stuff, and demonstrated the difference between not having all the computer stuff and having it when moving quickly onto a wet surface, which showed that the computer is too clever to let you skid. Good fun.

More sessions followed with some interesting stuff from Intel, some stuff from Microsoft and more sessions from Kace, including a very entertaining keynote from their co-founder Marty Kacin over a web link from California.

This was followed by free drinks (I had a glass or two[2] of a quite gluggable Merlot, thanks), food and video games, with prizes for the high scores. There weren’t any prizes for drinking wine, so I didn’t win.

Back in the hotel now for my last night of luxury. Another early start tomorrow, before heading home in the afternoon. Apparently the weather’s been a bit rough, leading to train problems – I hope it’ll be better tomorrow…

Ooops, forgot the picture of the day at first. Here’s an actual bit of art at Mercedes Benz World:



This is an exploded view of a Formula 1 car, sort of. Apparently it’s not an exact version, so my plan of making it an exercise to reassemble the car might not work.

[1] Not
[2] Hard to be sure of the count, because nice people kept refilling my glass