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Weight and Stuff Report – 9 December 2011

OK, my “just got in after a long journey” weight is a bit lighter than I was when I left on Tuesday, but that’s probably just a temporary wossname connected with not having eaten since about 12:30.

The last day of the Konference included some more useful stuff, including one session that totally solved a problem we’ve been having with some software distribution and reminded me that we need to do More Clever (is that Klever?) things with our K1000.[1]

I even got a prize (nice padded laptop sleeve) for my Twitter activity during the Konference – they were keen to encourage people to get interactive and all that sort of thing, but not many did, as far as my checking the #KACE11 hashtag showed.

After the show, I got a taxi to the station. I knew I was too late for the train I’d planned to catch, which would have got me back to London in plenty of time to catch the 4pm train I’d booked on, but I hoped that I might still make it. As it happened, a train to Waterloo was sitting on the platform, so I got on it. I suppose I should have wondered why the National Rail app on my phone didn’t seem to know about this train, but I was concentrating on getting home, so I didn’t really think about it. It turned out that unlike the fast (if crowded) train I’d arrived on, this was a slow one. It went by a route that passed through more suburbs than I could keep track of, including Brentford, where I was disappointed not to see Robert Rankin. Eventually, it got to Vauxhall, where I transferred to the Tube and went direct to Kings Cross. They’ve been doing a lot of work there, and the link between the rail station and the Underground no longer involves those narrow stairs on the concourse. But it does involve a long walk.

Have I ever mentioned my theory about the London Underground? I have this idea that in the central area, the trains don’t really go anywhere, and you actually get to your destination by walking through miles of tunnels, up and down stairs and escalators, down narrow twisting passages, all alike, oh sorry, slipped into adventure game mode there. But I digress[2]. Let’s get back to the journey.

So, I arrived at King’s Cross not just too late for the 4pm train, but also too late for the 4:30pm train. But I was in good time for the 5pm train, which had not yet had its platform announced. I positioned myself where I could see the display board and as soon as the platform number appeared, and well before the actual announcement was made, I headed for the ticket barrier and onto the train, where I was lucky enough to grab one of the few unreserved seats[3]. The journey home was uneventful, if a bit delayed. Apparently a train had broken down earlier which delayed all the trains ahead of mine.

Here’s a final reminder of where I was this week. It’s taken through the window at Mercedes Benz World (which is why you can see square lights in the sky) and shows the sun setting behind the lovely Brooklands Hotel.

Brooklands Sunset

Brooklands Sunset

[1] If that meant nothing to you, don’t worry, normal stuff will resume shortly.
[2] Frequently. You should be used to that by now if you make a habit of reading this stuff
[3] The last time I left London on a Friday on a train where I didn’t have a reserved seat, I had to stand until York, which wasn’t too nice.