I might be getting some new bags

I followed a link from, err, umm, well, one of the RSS feeds or Twitter accounts I follow[1] to what looked like an interesting new camera bag system. And I was sufficiently interested by their Kickstarter proposition to actually sign up to Kickstarter and pledge enough money to get the bags.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, the idea is that people with ideas for new products put up a detailed proposal on the website. They specify how much money they need to raise to make the product, and offer preferential deals to potential investors – typically, you get the product for less than the planned selling price, or get some other special deal. There’s a time limit set, and if not enough has been pledged by the cut off point, no money is collected, so it’s a no-risk proposition, as far as I can tell. If enough (or more) money is pledged, they collect the money (Amazon payments seems to be the preferred method, which works for me), and get to make the products. Investors get their goodies, the inventors get to make and sell their products and everyone’s happy. Well, probably, anyway.

Updates may follow…

ONE | Laptop and Camera Bag System by UNDFIND — Kickstarter.

[1] Bookmarked the destination, forgot the source. Sorry, whoever you are