Daily Archives: Friday, 16th Dec 2011

Weight and Stuff Report – 16 December 2011

Good, good, down a bit more today, matching my lowest weight of the year so far.

I walked to work this morning, which was a bit interesting, as there were some really sneaky ice patches lying in wait for me. My feet did slip, but I managed not to fall over or look sillier than I normally do. And for added laughs, it started to snow on me as I reached the north end of Coatsworth Road. But this was proper British snow – half hearted and not sticking to the ground – nothing like that horrible stuff we were covered in this time last year. There was more snow during the morning, but by the time I went out at lunchtime for another walk, it was just a bit wet. That’s the kind of snow I prefer…

Today’s picture is of some extreme window cleaners at the Centre for Life

Extreme window cleaners

Extreme window cleaners