Cross references made me cross

Back in June, I posted about a revised and improved WordPress Cross-References plugin. This made it moderately easy to link to previous posts, and nicely inserted links to posts that were linking to the post in question, which is a feature I like to have. I liked it so much that I even went to the trouble of tweaking it a bit to suit me better.

But this is an example of what’s known as “abandonware”. The developer hasn’t made any changes since about 2009, on the quite reasonable grounds that he no longer uses WordPress. Up until now, this hasn’t been a problem, but there was always the chance that a change in WordPress core would break something. And it seems that the new media features in WordPress 3.3 have indeed done that. The plugin works by adding a link alongside the “insert media” button, and as that bit of the interface has changed quite significantly, the link now appears, but clicking it makes the normal insert image box pop up.

Bother. Manually typing in a [cref] shortcode didn’t play nicely, either – though that might have been just random oddness, as I’ve known that to fail from time to time for no apparent reason.

So, it was time to remove the plugin. It comes with an uninstall routine that turns all the shortcodes back into normal internal links and deletes its database table. Except, of course, that it didn’t quite work. Older posts, from before I installed the new plugin were converted correctly, but about 90 created since June still contained the [cref] shortcodes. Bother.

So, I’ve spent a few hours editing old posts to restore proper internal links, not to mention fixing a few typos that I’d missed at the time of posting. That was fun…

I’m sorry to lose the useful backward links at the foot of posts, but it’s one less bit of code to run, and one less database table to keep track of, so it’s not all bad, I suppose…

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