Daylight on Iron Mountain (Chung Kuo 2) – David Wingrove

Oh, good. This is the second in the twenty-volume revised version of David Wingrove’s quite massive Chung Kuo series. This completes the new material that establishes how the world of the original series came to be.

Years have passed since the events of Son of Heaven. Jake Reed is still around, and plays a major part in the story, but the main action is the story of how the tyrannical founder of the city, Tsau Ch’un is opposed and ultimately defeated by “the Seven”, previously his closest supporters, who become alienated by his actions.

In the original version of the series, this was presented as historical fact, which is a slippery concept in a world where a complete false history is being established in a manner than makes the Ministry of Information in Orwell’s 1984 look like a bunch of amateurs. Here, we see how it happened, in brutal detail.

The only problem with this series is the wait for the next one. Oh, and wondering how he’s going to sort out the ending, which ended up being slightly messy thanks to the original publisher deciding they wanted one less volume than he’d planned…

As with the first book, this is available at a quite friendly price in Kindle format.