December 2011 Round-up

So, another month comes to an end, which means it’s time for another one of these summary thingies. There’ll be a round-up of the year later…


Well, despite Christmas and all that, I’ve managed a general downward trend this month.

December 1: 218 pounds (15 stone 8 pounds, 98.9 kg)
December 31: 215.8 pounds (15 stone 5.8 pounds, 97.9 kg)

That’s a loss of 2.2 pounds (1kg), which is quite satisfactory, thank you.


Despite a few nights in a hotel and that little matter of Christmas, I seem to have kept things nicely under control this month. Woo hoo, etc.


Out of just ten normal working days this month, what with holidays, that conference and all that sort of thing, I walked to work five times, which is a bit below target. But I did manage some more walks. Garmin has logged some of that, and tells me I managed over 30 miles, but that doesn’t include some activities where I didn’t use the app.


Including this post, the total for December is 52, but I have one or two more to follow…


I’ve managed a few longish walks this month, taken some pictures and generally done quite well…