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Weight and Stuff Report – 2 January 2012

Good, good. Down a bit today.

I went for a walk this afternoon. I wasn’t at all sure where I wanted to go, so I started the Garmin app on the iPhone and started with a walk around Saltwell Park, where I found out that despite it being bright and sunny, it was a wee bit cold, and in shaded areas there was some nasty ice to slide on. I managed to stay vertical, left the park and headed towards Newcastle. At that point, I thought I’d check the phone to see how far I’d walked so far. I guessed it was a little under a mile, so I was a bit surprised to see that while it had been happily counting time, it has not bothered recording any distance. Thinking it was just having a bad day, I pressed Stop then Resume and it duly started counting my progress.

I took a long loop around Newcastle, taking in Exhibition Park, Jesmond and the Ouseburn Valley, where I discovered some more sneaky ice. This time, I failed to maintain my vertical position and did indeed fall down. No damage done, though I suspect I may ache a bit tomorrow. I decided not to go any further from there, and headed back into the city centre by a mostly direct route. After a quick visit to Eldon Square, I got the bus home, remembering to press Stop and Save on the Garmin app. I noticed that it had recorded a distance of over eight miles, and it certainly felt like it. I noticed that it seemed a bit reluctant to download changes to recent activities, but didn’t think much of it until I got home.

Then I noticed that the activity history on the phone was a bit odd. It was showing lots of old stuff (further back than normal) but not the map data for today’s walk. When I logged in to the website, I found that it hadn’t uploaded the walk at all. Muttering to myself, I closed and restarted the app on the phone and tried to persuade it to upload the data. Nope.

So, I did the usual IT secret thing of turning the phone off and on again. Well, that certainly had an effect – when I started the app after that, it just showed a black screen before eventually returning to the home screen.

I guessed that it had somehow corrupted today’s walk, so I used iTunes to remove and reinstall the app. It now loads and seems happy enough, but today’s map data is gone.  :wah:

I’ve traced the route as best I can remember it using gmap-pedometer:

Long walk

Long walk

That makes the distance just under eight miles, as you can see on the interactive map.

Your picture for today is this interesting object I saw in Exhibition Park: