Gmap-Pedometer: The Next Step

I’ve been a big fan of the insanely useful gmap-pedometer site since I discovered it some time ago. It makes it really easy to track where you’ve walked, run, cycled or generally travelled on Google Maps, and nicely works out the distances for you. A nice bit of work.

Its developer, Paul Degnan now has a better idea – a mobile version, in particular  an iPhone app. He’s asking for funding to support this – he wants to raise enough to buy a MacBook Air (he has good taste there) and a backup drive, so he can work on coding his app on his daily bus commute. Well, it seems he’s already raised enough for that, but the offer is still open.

Anyone who contributes at least $5 US will get the ad-free premium version of his app when it’s ready.

I’ve sent some money in his direction – I may not make much use of the mobile app, but I’ll certainly want to see it, but I saw it as a chance to say thanks for the work he’s done already.

If you like gmap-pedometer, you can support the project here.