Weight and Stuff Report – 15 January 2012

Up just a bit today, and it was a quiet day in as I had to do the washing I didn’t do yesterday.

Not a lot to report, so here’s a picture. This is a sculpture called C, which marks the end of the Coast to Coast cycle thingy. It’s got stars marked on it at apparently correct relative distances from the sun. This fits in with the planetary markers which start with the Martian War Machine Sun at the Wearmouth Bridge. It’s been placed to frame Roker Pier, which makes for an interesting image. Getting the exposure right for the dark reflective alien monolith sculpture and the sunlit pier wasn’t really going to happen without a tripod[1] and a bit of exposure bracketing and HDRing, so this is a selectively tweaked one, which will do for now.

Can you C?

Can you C?

[1] We’re getting back to those Martians again…

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