Sherlock will be back…

Well, no surprises there. Of course, Mr Moffat had everyone guessing, with lots of hints suggesting that the second series might have been the last, but he does that sort of thing a lot. You know that thing River Song said about the Doctor?

The Doctor Lies

Well, that goes double for Steven Moffat, and just like the Doctor, he only does it with excellent reasons. Like keeping us guessing right to the end of last night’s episode.

It was only after it aired that he tweeted that!/steven_moffat/status/158680970130751488

Sneaky. I like that in a writer. The only question is how long we’ll have to wait. I can’t see it being any earlier than next year, what with the stars’ commitments and Mr Moffat having that other job to attend to.

Oh, and talking of River Song, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch out for the BBC story – spoilers…

BBC News – Sherlock to return for third series.