Gin Lane Gazette

Having successfully sponsored those new camera bag guys, I’ve just cracked and offered actual money at the actually quite interesting Unbound. What they’re doing is taking donations to get actual books printed and published that might otherwise struggle to see the light of day. You can offer various levels of donation for a variety of books – a small donation gets you an eBook, a larger one gets you a paperback, a larger one still gets you a hardback, with various incentives depending on what the author in question has to offer for larger donations.

I’ve been keeping an eye on a proposed book called Gin Lane Gazette by Adrian Teal, a cartoonist and caricaturist who does some very nice work indeed. His Cunning Plan is to produce a book that’s more or less a 18th century version of a contemporary gossip magazine with a touch of Hogarth. This sound like a good bit of fun to me, and something to be encouraged.

After dithering for a while, I finally decided to hand over actual money. I found that I couldn’t resist the option of having Mr Teal produce a caricature of me in 18th century form. Some readers may think I’m almost that old anyway…

Assuming the project comes off, I’ll talk about the book, and show off what Mr Teal makes of my face.

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