Today will be the most productive one for many years

In protest against some barking mad proposed legislation in the US which would make it an offence to even vaguely mention the possibility of copying something that somebody doesn’t want you to copy[1], which is in the usual way of US law being give one of those acronym names that generally suggest something quite different from the actual content of the law – SOPA in this case, allegedly meaning Stop Online Piracy Act, or something like that[2], many US sites are making themselves unavailable today showing what the internet would be like with this law in place.[3]

Quite seriously, this does look like a bit of badly (if at all) thought through legislation, which provides for sites being blocked at the DNS level based not on due legal process with impartial judges and actual public courts, but pretty much when an alleged copyright holder claims that someone is linking to somewhere that might have infringing material.

But with all those sites down, people might have to get some work done today…

[1] Or something like that. It’s hard to be sure right now
[2] Hard to be sure today
[3] Which is why it’s a bit tricky to tell what’s what right now.