Dear me, Microsoft, dear me…[1]

A few years ago, I had a bit of a mutter about some excruciating grammar on a Microsoft web page. The site in question was for the XBox Live service. I have a now mostly neglected XBox, though now that Lovefilm’s streaming service runs on the beast, I might be inclined to switch it on more often.

As it happens, it’s the time of year when Microsoft want me to pay for a new subscription, and they sent me a reminder:

Shocking Abuse

Shocking Abuse

Now this is presumably a standard message sent to all users whose subscriptions have expired, and whose registered language is English. Does nobody check these things? Oh, silly question. Given the way that “known issues” in software linger from version to version to version, expecting them to get someone to proof read email messages is quite unreasonable.

[1] Sherlock Holmes reference, inserted because it fit. So there.