More on Lightroom 4

OK, I’ve been playing with the Lightroom 4 Beta that I mentioned recently. Up till now, I’ve just been playing with the Develop module, and enjoying the new improved sliders there. But I’ve just learned that I should have been looking at the new Books module. This works with the excellent Blurb service, who I used to produce my photobook last year (still on sale, get yours now, etc), making the whole process quicker, easier and altogether more pleasant.

Rather than having to process all your pictures, export them as suitably sized JPG files, loading them into Blurb’s software, then doing it again when you realise you didn’t size the images correctly, rinse, repeat, etc, you can now do the whole process, including uploading your book to Blurb, without leaving Lightroom. Excellent.

I might even get round to producing some smaller, more affordable books once the final version is released…

Thanks to Scott Kelby for the hint.