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February 2012 Round-up

With this slightly extended second month of the year fading away, it must be time for the ever-popular monthly report


February 1: 221.6 pounds (15 stone 11.6 pounds, 100.5 kg)
February 29: 220.8 pounds (15 stone 10.8 pounds, 100.2 kg)

That’s a pretty much negligible drop of 0.8 pounds (0.4kg)


No real change here. I haven’t been eating anything different or extra…


Errr, oops. I managed to walk to work a grand total of “not at all” and walked home a scarcely more impressive three times. I did have a few other walks, which my Garmin report tells me came to a not all that significant 25 miles.


Including this post, the total for February is a rather low 47, which is below average, but possibly better for the sanity of the readers.


Hey! I got a new camera! I’ve been having fun with the Pentax Q, so much so that I’ve already sold my Olympus E-P1 on the quite reasonable grounds that I was unlikely to ever take it anywhere again. More pictures and stuff will follow…

A leap (day) in the (not so) dark

It’s that odd day again. I somehow forgot to mention it last time, but back in 2004, in the early days of Losing it, I did have a bit of a mutter about the silliness of having an extra day in February.

As it happens, it was quite a nice, and distinctly non-cold day. And it’s suddenly that time when it stops being dark when I leave work. I noticed yesterday that it was noticeably lighter, but this evening, I just timed it right to see some lovely reddish clouds. A few minutes later and it was beginning to get dark, but I did have time for some pictures.

This one has had some general messing about in Lightroom. It’s not quite right, but it’s a start.

Red sky at night

Red sky at night

In reality, the buildings looked lighter than that, but I wanted the sky to show up more. I’ll have another go with some of this evening’s pictures when I have the time…

Weight and Stuff Report – 29 February 2012

Up a bit today, never mind, etc.

As it was quite nice and sunny, I took the Pentax Q for a walk at lunchtime. It seemed like a good day to have a play with some of its built-in filters, and I got some quite nice results. I rather like this water colour effect:



This effect is perhaps a bit extreme, but I still like it

Monument again

Monument again

And in a more conventional approach, here’s one of the lions attached to Waterstone’s. Getting this angle with a bigger camera would have been awkward – the Q really scored here.

Waterstone Lion

Waterstone Lion

More pictures to follow…


Weight and Stuff Report – 28 February 2012

Down a teeny weeny bit today. Quite random, probably…

Another day where I haven’t got anything to report. Well, I do have some stuff to post about, but I need to find the right thinginess to get the wossnames right. Words, those things. Anyway, here’s a picture of a brutal assault on a bollard:

Kill it with fire!

Kill it with fire!

My favourite linguistic difference

There are many versions of English, which have many differences. It’s not really a matter of what’s right or wrong[1], but sometimes the differences can be quite entertaining.

The word I’m thinking of is momentarily. In general British usage this means something like “very briefly”, or “for a very short time”, or “blink and you’ll miss it”. However, it seems that when people in that odd little left-pondian place known as the US use it, it means something like “very soon”, or “any time now”.

So I suppose if I ever hear an American person stating that the plane I’m on will be “landing momentarily”, I shouldn’t wonder if I’ve accidentally booked on Tigger Airways. BOING!  :tigger:


[1] This is not entirely true. If in doubt, I’m right and those crazy furriners are wrong

Weight and Stuff Report – 27 February 2012

Down a bit today, good stuff.

I had a bit of a walk to the Quayside at lunchtime, where the debollardification is coming along nicely. Four of them are now lying on the deck of the floating crane, and the others have been raised a bit. More of the surrounding framework has been removed, and it’s all very nice. A proper picture report on that will follow, depending on tuit supplies.

Today’s picture is of a line of green bikes.



Weight and Stuff Report – 24 February 2012

A teeny-weeny rise today, but never mind…

Not a lot to report today, so here’s another picture from last night’s wander. This is the refurbished Central bar in Gateshead:

The Central

The Central

It wasn’t until I looked closely at the full sized image that I noticed something a bit odd. What’s that in an upper window?




Weight and Stuff Report – 23 February 2012

No change today, which will do for now.

Just for a change, I went for a walk after work, as it seemed like a nice evening to give the Pentax Q a low-light test. I headed for the Millennium Bridge, where debollardification work was still going on. I got some pictures of the bridge, and the floating crane, which will appear as tuits allow. For the moment, here’s one of the Baltic:



Here’s the usual Garmin evidence:

Quayside Evening

Quayside Evening

Any suggestion that I forgot to add that at first will be unconvincingly denied.