This is not good

Having seen a small astronomical telescope locally, which looked like it might be more or less OK for looking at the moon and planets, I decided to see if I could find some reviews on Amazon. My suspicion was that it would be a bit rubbish, but maybe just good enough for infrequent casual use.

Anyway, I browsed through numerous the numerous objects that came up when searching on the simple word “telescope”[1], and came across this horror:

Oh dear

Oh dear

Now that title will have come from the seller rather than Amazon, but still. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

Nearly as bad as the time when I read the blurb on a DVD case which referred to a character (who was an astronomer) as a “female astrologist”. I had to put it down quickly to avoid screaming. I told Phil Plait about that one.

[1] The search algorithm is a wee bit too fuzzy sometimes….