Weight and Stuff Report – 4 February 2012

Down another tiny bit today. What next?

I managed to motivate myself to walk to Tesco this morning[1], and as the weather forecast wasn’t too good, stayed in for the rest of the day. The promised snow did indeed turn up, though compared to last winter’s serious effort, this was a more half-hearted affair.

If I can find the tuits, I might set out with the camera tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s one I did earlier:

Lantern Tower

Lantern Tower

This is the intricate lantern tower of Newcastle’s St Nicholas’ Cathedral, which after decades of darkness is now living up to its name, as someone finally changed the burnt-out bulb[2]. I’ll aim to get an after dark picture soonish…

[1] But got the bus home due to a general disinclination to stretch my arms
[2] Note: the process may have been more complicated than that