Stuff Report – 13 February 2012

What? No weight? Yeah, sorry about that, I was a bit short of time this morning, as I had to get out early and catch a train, so sort of forgot to do the scale thing.

I’d planned things really well for this trip. The earliest train I could have caught with the only mildly extortionately-priced ticket I had was the 7:28, but as the 7:55 reaches London (yes, that’s where I am) only ten minutes later, as it doesn’t stop in so many places, I had a reservation on that.

I got to the station in good time only to find that the trains were not doing the same. The7:03 and 7:28 were listed as “delayed” and the 7:55 was showing as expected at 8:10. Uh oh…

It seems there was a total failure of signals north of Newcastle, which meant that the earlier trains were stuck. Northbound trains were stopping at Newcastle, which turned out to be useful, as it was decided to turn the next incoming train around and make it into an extra train to London. I managed to get a seat, got to London only about twenty minutes late, which wasn’t too bad. Apparently it was all fixed eventually, and the train I  was originally going to get left about two hours late…

Fun. Here’s a picture of a black flower I spotted on my walk from the station to the office:

Odd Flower

Odd Flower