Charlie Brooker is my hero

I’ve mentioned Charlie before, in relation to his books, so regular readers[1] will know that I’m a fan of his work. This piece from the Channel 4 series 10 O’Clock Live is a particularly nice piece.

A bit of context: various “journalists” employed by that singularly foul and smelly boil on the backside of the UK that calls itself “The Sun”, but which I prefer to think of as “The Scum” have found themselves belatedly being arrested in connection with allegations of corruption. Some senior Murdoch employee or other has been bleating about how it’s quite unfair that people working for a loathsome stinking excuse for a sleaze-mongering lying excuse for a newspaper should actually be held accountable for their actions, with the usual bollocks about witch hunts being bandied about. Charlie deals with that quite nicely:

See it on YouTube

Apparently Channel 4 don’t want it embedded, which is a bit rude of them. It’s worth a click.

[1] Or unicorns, whichever is less real