Weight and Stuff Report – 18 February 2012

Hmmm, back up again today, how random…

I walked to Tesco this morning, and while passing the bus station, I saw they’ve installed some new signs[1]. There’s a bit of a problem with people deciding to take shortcuts across the roads in the bus station, rather than walking through the building. As the roads tend to be covered in buses, this is a bit risky, so they’ve always had “keep off the road” signs, but they’ve changed them to this style. Only this one isn’t quite the same:

Keep off!

Keep off!

And quite right, too.

I had sort of planned to go out this afternoon, but while I was contemplating possible destinations, it began to rain. And then it turned, quite strangely, to sleet, so I decided to leave the going out until tomorrow, and do the washing instead. This naturally caused the rain to stop, the sky to clear and the sun to shine brightly. Mutter. Maybe tomorrow…

[1] OK, these signs may have been there for ages, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed them, so they’re new to me.  :tongue: