Daily Archives: Wednesday, 29th Feb 2012

February 2012 Round-up

With this slightly extended second month of the year fading away, it must be time for the ever-popular monthly report


February 1: 221.6 pounds (15 stone 11.6 pounds, 100.5 kg)
February 29: 220.8 pounds (15 stone 10.8 pounds, 100.2 kg)

That’s a pretty much negligible drop of 0.8 pounds (0.4kg)


No real change here. I haven’t been eating anything different or extra…


Errr, oops. I managed to walk to work a grand total of “not at all” and walked home a scarcely more impressive three times. I did have a few other walks, which my Garmin report tells me came to a not all that significant 25 miles.


Including this post, the total for February is a rather low 47, which is below average, but possibly better for the sanity of the readers.


Hey! I got a new camera! I’ve been having fun with the Pentax Q, so much so that I’ve already sold my Olympus E-P1 on the quite reasonable grounds that I was unlikely to ever take it anywhere again. More pictures and stuff will follow…

A leap (day) in the (not so) dark

It’s that odd day again. I somehow forgot to mention it last time, but back in 2004, in the early days of Losing it, I did have a bit of a mutter about the silliness of having an extra day in February.

As it happens, it was quite a nice, and distinctly non-cold day. And it’s suddenly that time when it stops being dark when I leave work. I noticed yesterday that it was noticeably lighter, but this evening, I just timed it right to see some lovely reddish clouds. A few minutes later and it was beginning to get dark, but I did have time for some pictures.

This one has had some general messing about in Lightroom. It’s not quite right, but it’s a start.

Red sky at night

Red sky at night

In reality, the buildings looked lighter than that, but I wanted the sky to show up more. I’ll have another go with some of this evening’s pictures when I have the time…

Weight and Stuff Report – 29 February 2012

Up a bit today, never mind, etc.

As it was quite nice and sunny, I took the Pentax Q for a walk at lunchtime. It seemed like a good day to have a play with some of its built-in filters, and I got some quite nice results. I rather like this water colour effect:



This effect is perhaps a bit extreme, but I still like it

Monument again

Monument again

And in a more conventional approach, here’s one of the lions attached to Waterstone’s. Getting this angle with a bigger camera would have been awkward – the Q really scored here.

Waterstone Lion

Waterstone Lion

More pictures to follow…