A leap (day) in the (not so) dark

It’s that odd day again. I somehow forgot to mention it last time, but back in 2004, in the early days of Losing it, I did have a bit of a mutter about the silliness of having an extra day in February.

As it happens, it was quite a nice, and distinctly non-cold day. And it’s suddenly that time when it stops being dark when I leave work. I noticed yesterday that it was noticeably lighter, but this evening, I just timed it right to see some lovely reddish clouds. A few minutes later and it was beginning to get dark, but I did have time for some pictures.

This one has had some general messing about in Lightroom. It’s not quite right, but it’s a start.

Red sky at night

Red sky at night

In reality, the buildings looked lighter than that, but I wanted the sky to show up more. I’ll have another go with some of this evening’s pictures when I have the time…