Weight and Stuff Report – 3 March 2012

Down again today, good stuff.

I had a Plan for today. The idea was to head to the coast in the late part of the afternoon to see the fancy laser show that’s on up until tomorrow. I got to Whitely Bay and walked part way towards St Mary’s lighthouse. I could see the beams being played with, bit it was still too light for them to be entirely effective. So, I decided to take a stroll towards Tynemouth, thinking that this would be a nice vantage point, with easy access to the Metro home.

Well, the expected start time of 6pm came, and not a flicker could be seen in the sky. I did see lots of stars, and several bright planets though. Made me wish I’d brought a tripod and a longer lens, but never mind. By the time I got to Tynemouth, it was nearly 7pm, and there was still nothing to be seen. Well, I did see loads of cars heading towards Whitley Bay, so apparently a lot of people were expecting to see the show.

By this time, I was feeling a bit tired, having walked a bit further than I have in the last few weeks:


If you click the map, you can go to the interactive version at gmap-pedometer.com.

So, I decided to give up and go home, which I did. I was a bit disappointed not to see the laser show, but I did get some pictures of the coast that I like, and had some low-light fun with the 5D, so it wasn’t a wasted trip at all.

I’m just starting to look through the pictures, and this one at least gives a taste of the lasers. Err, no. Tasting lasers is not actually recommended. Umm, a hint, a thingy. Something like that, anyway.