Ian McNabb – Little Episodes

As I mentioned recently, Ian McNabb has a new album out. It’s exclusively available from McNABBHQ, which either means Ian’s had enough of dealing with record companies, or that record companies are suffering from a complete inability to recognise proper bloody music when they hear it. Or both.

Being a McNabb fan, I ordered the CD within about 15 seconds of hearing about it, and it duly turned up (it would have been a day or two earlier, but as Ian tweeted, there were only two of them stuffing envelopes). And here it is:

Little Episodes

Little Episodes

And yes, that’s a nicely signed note from Ian. Cool.

It’s a funny thing about album prices. I mostly buy downloads rather than CDs these days, and it’s rare that I have to pay more than about £5 for a new release. Indeed, I’ve become so used to the low price that when something costs as much as £8, I find myself wondering if I really want to bother, which is odd, because that’s still a lot less than normal prices were ten years ago. But despite that, I had not the slightest disinclination to pay the full price of £11.99 for this. OK, that’s partly because it’s an new Ian McNabb album, which means I have to have it, but I think it’s more that the money is going direct to the artist rather than via a chain of suppliers. More money for Ian means he can keep making music, and that is a very Good Thing indeed.

Anyway, on to the music. I’ve already featured the video for lead track Ancient Energy, but I see no reason not to do it again, so here it is:

And that sets the scene for the album – it’s Ian in acoustic mode, with simple arrangements throughout, making it all about the songs and the voice. And his voice is sounding very fine indeed. But what about the songs?

Ancient Energy you can hear for yourself.

Other highlights include Abigail Rain, with Ian in storyteller mode

Winter came from the first
No one died of thirst
The lightning flashed and the water crashed
on the dry and dusty earth

Abigail rain, Abigail rain
She’s come to save the settler once again

Tiny Arrows seems to be about being able to stand anything except love. I think, assuming we’re talking about Cupid’s arrows. Doesn’t really matter, it’s good stuff.

I can take a cannonball, I can take a shell

But don’t shoot tiny arrows, please don’t put them in me

A heart that you can borrow is as good a “don’t hurt people” song as I’ve heard in a while:

Never steal a heart that you can borrow
Never take an item you can’t sell
Never put another into sorrow
Cos it all comes back one day
And you know you’ll have to pay
Nobody wants to be that way

And there’s more, of course, but you’ll just have to listen to the album. Buy it, you know you want to.