Matter – looks like an interesting project

I’ve just pledged a small amount of money to another Kickstarter project. No doubt at all in this case, as it’s already exceded its target by a huge margin.

Matter proposes a new weekly online publication. The idea is that each week there will be a single, long article. This will be a subscription publication, available on the web and on assorted devices. It will cover science and technology in more depth than most sites (and for that matter, most print publications) can manage, and as it’s to be funded by subscriptions, it won’t be designed for the benefit of advertisers.

They’ve got some experienced writers on board, and it looks like it’s worth investigating at the very least. I was interested enough to give them some money, anyway.

Here’s the pitch:

(If you’re using AdBlock, you probably won’t see that, so go direct to the Kickstarter page instead)