Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Thoughts…

Well, it’s about two and a half years since I bought my 5D Mark II and began to enjoy it. Despite a brief moment of doubt when the Canon 7D appeared, I’ve grown to know and love my full-frame beast. While I’ve used other cameras and will continue to use my little Pentax Q, not to mention the iPhone 4S, it’s the 5D that I think of as “my camera”. It’s the proper one, the one that I enjoy using the most, and the one that I can use almost instinctively – the controls are where they should be, and it feels like an extension of myself. Or something like that.

But things move on, and after much speculation, the new 5D Mark III has been announced. And it’s an interesting thing. It’s pretty much the Mark II with all the knobs turned up to 11. While the megapixellage[1] has only been given a modest increase from 21 to 22.3, pretty much everything else is significantly better. It’s got a massively improved autofocus system (much the same as the far more expensive 1D X), faster shooting, increased ISO range, improved noise reduction, dual card slots (one CF, one SD, with handy options for how they’re used), more options for exposure bracketing, in-camera HDR, and much more.

All this comes at a pretty high price – the UK price is a rather unfriendly £3,000, body only. This is once again significantly more expensive than in the US, even when our 20% VAT is taken into account. Ouch.

So, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy one. Maybe if the price comes down quite a bit, I’ll consider it. I do have a mid-life crisis major birfday coming up later in the year, so maybe I should think of getting myself a really nice present? Or maybe I should happily carry on with my Mark II, and wait for the Mark IV? Assuming Canon keep to a 3-4 year cycle, that might just be the way to go…

Full details from Canon.


[1] This may not be a proper word.