Lightroom 4 has been released

It doesn’t seem that long since the beta was released, but it was nearly two months ago. Apparently this was long enough for tweaking, twiddling and fine-tuning, because the real, actual, final product is now available. The full price is now $149, previously $299, and upgrades from any previous version are a quite reasonable $79, previously $99. Well, that’s what they’re saying, but the shopping cart on Adobe’s site seemed to disagree:




Going in a second time sorted out the price thing, as it allowed me to specify that I own Lightroom 3, but then offered some fresh confusion. The site had already greeted me by name, so I assumed it knew who I was and where I am. But no. When I added the software to my cart and tried to log in, it pretty much told me to go away, as my Adobe ID was registered in the UK. Now a sensible site might have redirected me to the UK version, or indeed not actually have had a separate one at all. But Adobe required me to find the carefully hidden “select your country” link, which was lurking at the bottom of the page. Hint: making this a more prominent selector at the top would make more sense when you’re selling things, guys…

Anyway, the upgrade price for a download, including 23% Irish VAT[1] turned out to be £60.57. As is traditional with Adobe, it would have been marginally cheaper to have the shiny round thing sent to me[2], but that would have been silly.

Anyway, bought it, and I’ll be installing and playing.

[1] That’s where they’re supplying from, allegedly. It’s some legal requirement or other
[2] Difference put down to taxes. Silly. Should reduce the price of the download…

Full details from Adobe.

Loads of useful stuff at the NAPP Lightroom 4 launch center.