The Oatmeal – Mrowwy Night

I mentioned The Oatmeal a while ago when I got his rather nice book, and I’ve continued to enjoy his work since. So when I saw this lovely print for sale, I had to order one. It arrived, nicely packaged in a heavy tube, and is now on display in my kitchen:

Mrowwy Night

Mrowwy Night

As I said at the time I bought the book[1], I like to buy things direct from the artist, as it helps them continue doing what they’re good at.

Get your own print[2] from the Oatmeal shop

[1] And for that matter, the What the Duck book and Ian McNabb’s new CD

4 thoughts on “The Oatmeal – Mrowwy Night

  1. Lil Johnny Kwah

    Wonder what ol’ Vince would have said about this? Interesting to see Matthew Inman complaining about Funny Junk stealing his content (and I’m on Inman’s side on that one), but he takes Van Gogh’s work and modifies it. AND, he makes money off of it. Don’t understand quite how that’s different, or better.
    But, tis a cute looking cat ;-)

    1. Les Post author

      I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Vince’s work is out of copyright. I also think that there’s a big difference between creating something inspired by someone else’s work[1] and copying someone else’s work. Hard to say what Vincent would have thought, but I hope that he’d have been happy to know that his work was sufficiently known and loved to be an immediately recognisable source for this print. And anyone who’s seen Vincent and the Doctor will appreciate that.

      [1] I’m sufficiently familiar with the original to be pretty sure Matthew didn’t copy it.

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