Daily Archives: Sunday, 11th Mar 2012

The only news report you’ll ever need

The wonderful Charlie Brooker in a clip from the excellent Newswipe nicely summarises what’s wrong with most news reporting on TV.

Some language of what’s often referred to as NSFW might be included.

Just think of this the next time you’re watching TV news…

My new photo site is on 500px

Readers with long memories might recall me talking about setting up a new website for my photographs. Well, that was well over two years ago, and you may well be wondering what I’ve done with it.

As it happened, I lacked the tuits to organise that properly, and I’ve kept on posting pictures here, and to a lesser extent on Flickr. I’m not sure why, but I find Flickr much less appealing these days than I used to, so I rarely go there.

But where I have been going is 500px – you might have noticed the widget thingy at the bottom of this page. It’s a much more interesting photography site, which concentrates on displaying the pictures at quite nicely large sizes. There are the usual options for commenting, marking pictures as “liked” or as favourites, and a reasonable bit of interaction. It’s well worth a look there if you just want to browse through loads of pictures, many of them quite superb. If you have an iPad, check out their app, which is a great way of enjoying some excellent photographs. Apparently an Android version will be available soon.

If you sign up for a paid membership, quite apart from being able to upload huge numbers of images, should you be so inclined, you can also point a domain at your portfolio on 500px, and that’s what I’ve done – the former Les Bessant Photography now lives on 500px, which saves me having to update it and tweak it.

Les Bessant on 500px

There’s also a handy plugin for Lightroom, which allows me to easily add images, and also see which ones have received comments. Cool.

I’ve been going through my pictures and adding just a few – it’s not the kind of site where you’d want to put everything, and it’s worth keeping it for your best work.

Well worth a look – there are some seriously good photographers there.

Weight and Stuff Report – 11 March 2012

And it’s back up again today. It’s a lovely sunny day, and I feel like I should be getting out there with a camera, but I have got loads of tedious stuff to do that I’ve been putting off, so I may not get out until much later, if at all.