Sick Computer

You may be wondering what happened to yesterday’s report[1], or, given my occasional tendency to make reports appear a day or six late, you may not be. But I’ll tell you anyway.

I’d set Lightroom away to import yesterday’s pictures[2] and carried on doing other things. After a while, I realised that Lightroom seemed to be taking a very long time over it, which is unusual.

Going back to Lightroom, I saw that it had got so far then decided not to bother. I cancelled the import, and eventually persuaded a confused Lightroom to quit. I removed and reinserted the SD card and restarted Lightroom, which happily completed the import. No duplicates, but some of the newly imported files had -2 appended to their names, so it looked like the files existed on disk, but not in Lightroom.

I tried to persuade Lightroom to rescan the folder, but it didn’t seem to like that. So, after closing Lightroom again, I went into Finder and started to delete the surplus files. This went well up to a point, when one file just wouldn’t go away. Finder went into spinning beach ball mode, which is never a Good Thing.

Hmm. Time to restart the iMac? Well, I got it to shut down, but starting was more of a problem – it got as far as the chime, the Apple logo and the spinning wheel thingy, then stopped.  Not good.

Powered it down, tried again, same result. Tried holding down Alt/Option so I could boot from my backup disk, but it didn’t want to know.

At that point, I decided it was too late in the evening to keep trying, so left it until this morning.

This time, I pulled the power lead and disconnected all peripherals.  Left it for 10 minutes or so, then restarted. It took a while, but then came up, apparently quite happily, if a bit slower than normal.

I’ve run Disk Utility, which claims that the disk is quite fine, thank you, but I have my suspicions, so I may well scan it with something a bit more fussy.  It may have sorted itself out – the file that couldn’t be deleted is now fully accessible, with no Finder issues.

Odd one. That’s the first actual hardware issue I’ve had with one of my Macs.

It’s just restarted, now I’m shutting it down to reconnect all its bits. Further reports may follow…

Update: It seems quite happy now, and I’m back looking at my moderately large screen rather the tiny MacBook Air’s one. Spotlight is re-indexing, which does suggest that it’s done some work on the disk without actually telling me about it.

[1] Assuming you’re not reading this in the future, when it will probably have appeared with a date and time that make it look like it wasn’t created after the fact
[2] Some cool debollardification action!

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