Weight and Stuff Report – 15 March 2012

Hmm. Back up a bit today, but not as up as I was down, so that’s not too bad, I suppose.

Before getting on to the main report, I’ll just mention that I walked home, yay me, etc.

Having sorted out that little computer problem this morning, I was in the right frame of mind for another lunchtime stroll, not even bothering to try the GPS this time. I went back to the Quayside where I joined a moderately large audience for some more bollard action. Today’s fun involved removing the large block that surrounded one of the bollards, which I presume acted as an anchor, securing it to the river bed. Or something. This involved moving a chain so that it hooked to a loop at the top of the bollard, using the old cutting torch to separate the cap, then lifting.

The support ship had to move around a bit, and the little rubber boat had to get out of the way, presumably as a safety precaution while a very large lump was suspended from the crane. Anyway, here are the pictures, in a gallery for a change: