Daily Archives: Tuesday, 20th Mar 2012

Is this what passes for news?

Somebody who is apparently the “Deputy Political Editor” at BBC News, apparently thinks that we’d all like to know that the Queen and her annoying husband had a bit of bother with a lift.

The Queen had a longer than expected trip in a lift following her speech in Parliament, the BBC has learned.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh had just attended a reception on the first floor of the Palace of Westminister before they entered the lift to get to the ground floor, where a car was waiting.

However, rather than descending, it went up and only reached the intended destination after three false starts.

I’m so grateful to the BBC for playing into the hands of its critics by confusing complete bloody trivia with actual bloody news. And why is this completely irrelevant nonsense being reported by someone who is presumably a relatively senior, well-paid journalist rather than a low-level tedious gossip correspondent?

It’s a real story: see it here

Yup, that is apparently a proper *politics* report. Elderly couple have trouble with lift is a major story, apparently…

Weight and Stuff Report – 20 March 2012

Ho hum, back up a bit today.

It was a bit dull and grey this morning, which oddly inspired me to walk to work, so I did:

Walk to work

Walk to work

Today’s picture is from yesterday’s walk. It’s a fish:

Fish head

Fish head