Daily Archives: Friday, 30th Mar 2012

What a difference a .1 makes

I mentioned earlier that a release candidate of Lightroom 4.1 was available. Well, I’ve had a quick play, and I’m happy with the changes I’ve noticed so far:

  1. Sliders in the Develop module are now much more responsive – like a lot of users, I’d experienced a fair amount of lag between moving a slider and seeing the result. This was particularly noticeable when using the Blacks and Whites sliders
  2. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III[1] is now supported, so users of that fine camera no longer need to use the beta release of the DNG converter to get their pictures into Lightroom

[1] As you might have guessed, I might possibly have a new camera to talk about. Stay tuned…

Weight and Stuff Report – 30 March 2012

Ho hum, a random upwards fluctuation today.

I walked to work for the fourth day in a row, which is quite impressive – the last time I managed that was in December.

Walk to work

Walk to work

I managed another lunchtime walk, also the fourth of the week.

Lunchtime walk

Lunchtime walk

This time, I went out with my Sigma 70-200mm lens attached. To the camera, that is, not to me. That would be silly.

I was pleased to see that the scaffolding and boards have been removed from the Stephenson Monument following its restoration. I couldn’t get too close because a man was hosing down the pavement around the base of the statue, to clean up the mess left by the work, but I did get this shot:




Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate – out now

Users of Lightroom 4 who don’t want to wait another day or several for a final release can grab the release candidate of the first point release. This fixes a good selection of bugs reported by users, and adds support for one new camera: the quite significant Canon 5D Mark III which I mumbled about a few weeks ago. I may have something else to say about it later…

Get the details and the download from Adobe Labs:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate