What a difference a .1 makes

I mentioned earlier that a release candidate of Lightroom 4.1 was available. Well, I’ve had a quick play, and I’m happy with the changes I’ve noticed so far:

  1. Sliders in the Develop module are now much more responsive – like a lot of users, I’d experienced a fair amount of lag between moving a slider and seeing the result. This was particularly noticeable when using the Blacks and Whites sliders
  2. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III[1] is now supported, so users of that fine camera no longer need to use the beta release of the DNG converter to get their pictures into Lightroom

[1] As you might have guessed, I might possibly have a new camera to talk about. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “What a difference a .1 makes

    1. Les Post author

      Before LR4.1, the only way to get RAW files from the Mark III into Lightroom was to convert them into DNG. This step can now be skipped.

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