Arc – a new magazine about the future

Earlier in the year, full-page ads started appearing in New Scientist for a new magazine. Arc 1.1, subtitled “The future always wins” appeared in February, and as I’ve just got round to finishing it, I thought I’d give it a mention.

For a start, don’t expect to find Arc in your local newsagent. This is, as Paul Weller once said, the modern world, and if you’re going to launch a magazine full of science fiction and factual writing with a focus on the future, you’re not going to mess around with paper, are you?

Arc is available for Kindle, and using Zinio, for Windows, Mac, Android and iDevices. As the content is mostly text, I opted for the Kindle version – if it had been a more visually oriented publication, I might have been inclined for an iPad version. There is also a somewhat expensive print on demand version, but I didn’t consider that.

So what’s in it? Well, there’s an introduction from the esteemed Bruce Sterling on the subject of futurism. There’s fiction from writers including Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds and M John Harrison, articles by China Miéville and others, and as they say, much more.

I enjoyed most of the fiction (a higher hit rate than the average issue of Analog, Asimov’s, F&SF or Interzone), and the articles were also at the very least interesting.

Good stuff – well worth your attention if you’re at all into near-future sf, or thoughts about the future.