Dropbox gets even nicer…

I’ve mentioned Dropbox before, and since then I’ve continued to find it extremely useful. Being able to synchronise files between multiple computers, easily transfer documents between home and work, drop things where my iPad or iPhone can easily find them and indeed having a useful bit of free could storage all add up to a very Good Thing indeed.

One of the nice things is the referral bonus. If someone signs up to Dropbox via your referral link, they give you an extra  250MB of space. Well, they did. But now they’ve doubled that to 500MB, and you can refer up to 32 people for an extra 16GB of free space. That’s on the free account, like mine. If you need more space and you’re paying for the service, you’ll get a quite large 1GB per referral.

Now that would be very nice as it stands. All your future referrals would be getting you more free space. But they’ve gone one better than that – they’ve actually backdated the bonus, so if you’ve already had a bunch of referrals, you’ll get the extra storage added for all of them. Now that is very nice indeed.

Sign up for Dropbox – it’s free (disclaimer: that’s my referral link)

Dropbox blog post


3 thoughts on “Dropbox gets even nicer…

  1. Andy B

    Yup, I love dropbox for all sorts of reasons – hadn’t heard about this space increase though, excellent people they are!

    Though, did you see who their new investors are…?

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