What? Another new look?

Yes, it seemed like the right time for it, somehow. Losing it  is now using the Graphene theme. I’ve stayed with the single column layout, which lets me insert bigger pictures, but I’ve reverted to having a graphic for the header.

Unlike other themes I’ve used lately, I haven’t needed to use a child theme this time. All the custom CSS I need to use is pasted into a box provided for that purpose, and all the clever stuff I used to put in function.php now lives in a plugin.

Let me know if you experience any oddness other than the usual kind caused by my content.

2 thoughts on “What? Another new look?

  1. Twisty

    Not again!! :wah: However, I do like the new additions to the comments…now I can get an email notification when you respond to my comment, yay! No having to remember to go back and check. :)

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