Looks like 500px wants to make Flickr cry

I’ve mentioned the excellent 500px once or twice before. With some recent updates, the site looks better than ever, and whether you’re a photographer looking for an excellent way to show of your images, or just someone who wants to see some really great photography, it’s well worth a regular visit. And if you have an iPad, the 500px app is an incredibly good use of your device, though you might want to take care, as time can disappear in an alarming way….

I was quite happy to pay for the premium “Awesome” account, and indeed to extend it for a further year when they ran a special offer, but at a full price of $50, it might seem a bit much for some people, especially when compared to Flickr’s $25 subscription.

So, they’ve done the sensible thing and introduced a new membership level. The Plus membership comes with most of the benefits of the Awesome level, but excludes the custom domain and similar features.  Upgrade to Plus, and you get unlimited uploads (up from a rather stingy 10 per month for a free account). This compares very well with Flickr’s offering, and nicely undercuts it at $19.95 for a year.

This will surely bring more photographers to 500px, which seems like a Good Thing to me.  Flickr is looking quite tatty by comparison, and I suspect I won’t be giving them any more money…

2 thoughts on “Looks like 500px wants to make Flickr cry

  1. Sam Judson

    I quite like the 10 uploads a month thing, it makes you think about what you upload and only upload the best shots. Rather than Flickr where I upload anything and everything (although not as much as I do with Facebook these days).

    1. Les Post author

      Indeed – even though I paid up for the “Awesome” account, that was more so I could point a domain at it than to upload more than a small selection of images.

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