Spotify Revisited (Again)

For some reason or other, I keep forgetting to use Spotify, and I didn’t really make much use of the free six months service I got last year. But I’m going to give it another try, and now that the free version is a bit more limited[1], I’ve decided to pay for the £4.99 “Unlimited” version. This doesn’t allow offline or mobile use – you have to pay twice as much for the “Ultimate” version to get that, but does allow unlimited, advert-free streaming.

I was reminded to use it again by the recent opening of the Spotify API, which allows embedding links to tracks and playlists in web pages, and various other places. Which means I can put some slightly more interesting content in some posts. For instance, I’ve recently been enjoying the new Florence + the Machine Unplugged album. As it happens, I’d already bought the enhanced download, which came with the video of the concert as well as the audio tracks, but if you happen to have Spotify installed[2], you’ll be able to enjoy this interesting choice of cover version[3]:

It’s a funny thing – when I saw the album track listing, I saw this title, and immediately thought of the Johnny Cash/June Carter song. But my brain told me it would obviously not be that. Silly brain was wrong. Josh Homme does indeed join Florence for a duet, which works pretty damn well. As indeed does the rest of the album:

Worth a listen, at the very least

[1] Quite apart from the ads, each track is now limited to a total of five plays.
[2] If you don’t have Spotify, you’ll be invited to install it
[3] Note: if you’re running an ad blocker, you may not see anything there, as off-site iframes tend to get eaten by such things