Stuff Report – 23 April 2012

What? No weight? Didn’t I warn you yesterday?

Well, now all can be revealed. Yesterday, I took a train from Newcastle to Bristol. I’m here to set up the IT for a new branch office that we’re opening next week. The Cunning Plan involves me taking as long as it takes to get everything working – certainly up to Wednesday, as that’s when the printer arrives.  I may have some finishing off to do on Thursday, and after that I’ll be popping over to Pencoed to visit my brother[1]. I may be coming back early next week to make sure everything’s fine for our new staff, but otherwise I’ll be going home on Monday or thereabouts.

Despite having been brought up a quite short distance away, I don’t  have many memories of visiting Bristol. Bristol Zoo, yes, but the actual city, hardly at all. Depending on time and the weather, I hope to have a bit of a look around the Harbourside area, if only to have a look at Brunel’s SS Great Britain, which would seem to be very near the office.

Nothing very interesting to show you at the moment, so here’s my hotel room:

It'll do...

It'll do...


[1] Hi Geoff  :wave:

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