A tale of darkness

Darkness in my oven, that is. After over three years of regular use, the lamp in my oven failed at the weekend. Well, that’s not unexpected, these things do have a finite life, and I do use the oven a lot[1]. I had a quick look in the shops yesterday, and was pretty sure I’d identified the right replacement, but I thought I’d be sensible and take the old one out to check first.

Making sure the oven was cold and (being paranoid) with its power breaker firmly in the off position, I unscrewed the lamp cover, which came out without a struggle. I then started to unscrew the lamp, which was a bit stiff at first, but then came out. Well, part of it did. The glass part, leaving the metal thread behind. Ooops.  :duh:

To have a proper look involved removing the oven door, which was also a good opportunity to clean the bits that aren’t self-cleaning. Getting the door off is pretty easy, and the manual is nice and clear on that.

After some investigation and fiddling, I concluded that removing the remains of the lamp from the holder wasn’t something I’d be able to do with my head upside down in the oven and not really knowing what I’m doing, so I decided to stop doing that and get it sorted out by someone who does know what they’re doing at a later date.

Then came the fun bit – getting the door back on. This is meant to be a simple reversal of the steps taken to remove it, made a little awkward by the left side of the oven being right next to the wall. Well, I offered up the hinges to the slots, and found that they didn’t want to move. I tried a few more times, then resorted to a bit of internet searching, where I found a useful video on the manufacturer’s website, where the only thing to watch for was the hinges snapping shut. Aha! I thought. Could the hinges be shut?

So, I had a look, and soon enough I had snapped one of them shut. Ooops again.  :duh:

With a bit of leverage using a pair of pliers as a bar, I got the hinge open again, and this time the ickle clip that’s supposed to stop the hinge closing while you’ve got the door off stopped in a different position – it looked like it had been caught in a position that stopped it from opening.

This time, the door went on without any trouble at all, and once I’d restored the power, normal cooking service was resumed. Well, normal apart from not being able to see what’s going on in the oven without opening the door[2] that is.

And the moral of the story: Les is a complete klutz and under no circumstances should he attempt repairs of any kind. For some reason Les keeps forgetting this and tries to do things that never quite work…

If you stayed awake for that, you may laugh now.

[1] Much more than the microwave, which may or may not be surprising
[2] Maybe I should try a torch…

7 thoughts on “A tale of darkness

  1. Phredd

    The Adventures of The Les!!!!

    That same set of pliers would be the ticket to getting the base of the bulb removed from the socket.

    1. Les Post author

      Yeah, tried that, but it’s almost impossible to see what I’m doing in there. I may have another go at the weekend…

      Saw one, err, helpful suggestion that the way to deal with this is to take the oven out of the housing (it’s a “built in” thingy in a cabinet), take the top off and get to the lamp holder that way. I think I’ll pass on that…

      1. Phredd


        The light in our microwave expired some time ago. And the microwave’s a built-in. Above the range. With the range hood built into it. The bulb can stay expired.

    1. Les Post author

      I did, eventually. Once I could get a bright light shining up into the oven so I could see what I was doing while lying on the floor at an awkward angle[1].

      And the new lamp works, so that’s all sorted. Funny thing – it’s much brighter since I cleaned the lamp cover. You’d have thought a self-cleaning oven would have dealt with that itself. :cheesy:

      [1] Not even slightly comfortable, mutter

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