Weight and Stuff Report – 19 May 2012

Oh good, down a bit today after the rises of the last few days. It’ll probably take a few more to catch up…

Having done a load of shopping last week, and with another business trip coming up, I didn’t need to get a lot today, so I thought i’d try the new temporary Tesco in Gateshead. Well, it was worth trying it, but I don’t think I’ll use it again. As I’d suspected, it’s far too small to be even vaguely useful – much smaller than the smallish one I use for midweek bits and bobs shopping in Newcastle, and consequently with a much smaller selection of products.

So my future plans are: big shopping at Kingston Park, smaller sessions in Newcastle. I should only need to go to the big one every two or three weeks, most likely. If I was more organised, I’d go for delivery, but I’m not, so I won’t.

Regular readers wondering what happened to my oven light will be enlightened[1] to learn that, with the aid of my very bright LED light thingy[2] and my pliers, I managed to extract the remains of the dead lamp, and fit the new one, which works. Yay.  :bouncy: It is nice, being able to see what’s going on in the oven, especially now I’ve cleaned the lamp cover so more light gets through[3].

Not only that, but I defrosted the freezer for the first time since about, oooh, errr, well, um, probably the time I accidentally defrosted it by not closing the door properly.

What an exciting Saturday, eh?

Today’s picture is a little less fishy than I’ve offered lately. This is King Edward’s Bay at Tynemouth. It’s right next to the Castle and Priory, but in this view all you can see is the sky, the sea and the sand, with one figure at the shore.

King Edward's Bay

King Edward's Bay

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture: ƒ/8
Shutter speed: 1/1000s
Focal length: 105mm
ISO: 200
Location: 55° 1.083415′ 0″ N 1° 25.204504′ 0″ W


[1] Sorry[4], couldn’t resist
[2] Not a torch – it’s a rectangular array of bright white LEDs. If you look into it, you won’t see properly for a week…..
[3] I was misled by the claims of the oven being “self-cleaning”. Apparently it only does some of the surfaces. Lazy bloody oven…
[4] Well, not really.

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